Tax Treaties
A World Without Corporate Taxes?
  “It is easier undoubtedly for smaller offshore jurisdictions to eliminate corporation tax on the basis that the quid pro quo is full employment for the residents living there." (24/08/2017)
‘Fair and Effective’ Corporate Tax for the EU
  As the European Commission prepares its EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, Commissioner Moscovici explains the efforts being made by the EU to raise the bar of tax governance and fair taxation. (24/08/2017)
Should Corporation Tax be Abolished?
  The corporate income tax is a destructive levy that discourages job creation and economic growth. But it is nonetheless a popular source of revenue for politicians to manipulate votes. (24/08/2017)
Tax Non-Transparency: The Truth Will Out
The OECD’s Conquest of Domestic Tax Codes: Understanding the Costs and Consequences of the BEPS Project
Panama Papers – some perspective from the Cayman Islands
  Ian Huskisson and Neil McLarnon examine the fallout from the Panama Papers, providing a Cayman Islands perspective on implication of the leaks. (01/11/2016)
US Tax Enforcers React to The Panama Papers
  Scott D Michel and Arielle M Borsos examine how US tax enforcers have reacted to the Panama Papers leak. (01/09/2016)
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