Location Central Europe, between Switzerland and Austria.
Time Zone Central European Time.
Population 36,542
Capital Vaduz.
Airport None (120 km to Zurich airport).
Language German (German Dialect).
Currency Swiss Franc (CHF).
Dialing Code +423.
Centre's Expertise Numerous types of Companies, Foundations, Trusts, Insurance, Funds, Private Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, Highly educated personnel and strict professional society.
Political System Political power shared between hereditary monarch and democratically elected government; extremely stable.
Legal System Civil Law; influenced by Swiss and Austrian law; now implementing EU directives. Common law trust since 1926.
Personal Income Tax Around 21%.
Corporate Income Tax There is a flat corporate income tax rate of 12.5%. A minimum tax of CHF1,200 has to be paid if the structure qualifies as a private investment structure.
Exchange Restrictions None.
Tax Treaties For further information please see
Permitted Currencies CHF, euro, US$.
Minimum Authorised Capital CHF30,000/50,000 depending on type of company.
Minimum Share Issues Depends on type of company.
Shelf Companies N/A.
Incorporation Time Scale 2-5 days.
Incorporation Fees Approx. CHF800.
Annual Fees No offshore companies accepted accordng to new tax law 2011; Professional fees, approx. CHF3,000-10,000 depending on time spent. Additional fees for accounting and auditing (if required), charged on hourly basis and taxes.
Minimum Number One- three depending on type of vehicle.
Residency Requirements Yes.
Corporate Directors Yes.
Meetings/Frequency Depends on type of company and its statutes.
Disclosure No.
Bearer Shares Yes.
Minimum Number Two.
Public Share Registry No.
Meetings Frequency Depends on type of company and statutes.
Annual Return Usually requested.
Audit Requirements Depends on type of company and statutes.
Registered Office Yes.
Domicile Issues Registered agent/trustee.
Company Naming Restrictions Name availability to be checked with registrar.
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  Liechtenstein Tax Treaties
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