Location Central Europe.
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time +1.
Population 8,200,000.
Capital Vienna.
Airport Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck.
Language German.
Currency Euro.
Dialing Code +43.
Centre's Expertise Tourism, high-tech, biotech, financial services.
Political System Republic.
Legal System Civil law.
Personal Income Tax Progressive tax rate (up to 50% when tax base exceeds 51,000) numerous exemptions and tax incentives.
Corporate Income Tax Flat 25%, capital gains (cross-border) and inter company dividends (domestic and foreign) tax exempt, far-reaching group taxation system (domestic and foreign losses of sub´s tax deductible).
Exchange Restrictions None.
Tax Treaties For full details, please go to
Permitted Currencies No restrictions.
Minimum Authorised Capital GmbH (company with limited liability) €35,000. AG (stock corporation) €70,000. Private foundation €70,000.
Minimum Share Issues One (AG, GmbH). Foundation has no shares, only beneficiaries.
Shelf Companies Hardly available.
Incorporation Time Scale One week.
Incorporation Fees Articles of Association €2,500–€4,000. Notary €1,500–€3,000. Registration fees app. €400. Capital duty 1% of paid in share capital.
Annual Fees Minimum corporate tax €1,750 credited against later corporate tax, can be carried forward for indefinite time.
Minimum Number One.
Residency Requirements No.
Corporate Directors No.
Meetings/Frequency As required / discretionary.
Disclosure Yes.
Bearer Shares No.
Minimum Number One.
Public Share Registry Yes.
Meetings Frequency As required / discretionary resolutions can be on mail basis.
Annual Return Obligatory for both trade law and tax law purposes.
Audit Requirements AG (stock corporation) and foundations: obligatory. GmbH: depending on size, obligatory if: employees are more than 50, asset´s value is more than €4.84m and turnover is more than €9.68m in a period of 12 months before the end of the business year.
Registered Office Required.
Domicile Issues n/a.
Company Naming Restrictions Only necessary that the name of a company has to be clear and distinctive, it is NOT necessary anymore that the purpose of the company is reflected in its name.
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