Location Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time +2.
Population 862,000.
Capital Nicosia.
Airport Larnaca Airport and Pafos Airport.
Language Greek and Turkish are the official languages but English is widely spoken.
Currency Euro as of 1 January 2008.
Dialing Code +357.
Centre's Expertise Financial centre, double tax treaties, tax incentives, lowest tax in EU.
Political System Democratic Republic member of the EU.
Legal System Based on common law and harmonised to Acquis Communautaire.
Personal Income Tax Depending on income. 35% over €60,000. 50% reduction of tax on emoluments of high income non-resident executives taking up employment in Cyprus.
Corporate Income Tax 12.5% on profits.
Exchange Restrictions None.
Tax Treaties For full details, please go to
Permitted Currencies Any.
Minimum Authorised Capital No minimum.
Minimum Share Issues One.
Shelf Companies Available.
Incorporation Time Scale Subject to name approval, one to three days with acceleration fee.
Incorporation Fees Depends on the authorised share capital, capital duty applicable at the rate of 0.6%
Annual Fees Annual return filing fee (€17) plus €350 annual levy.
Minimum Number One.
Residency Requirements Resident director advisable for tax purposes.
Corporate Directors Yes.
Meetings/Frequency Annual.
Disclosure There is a public registry but use of nominees possible.
Bearer Shares No.
Minimum Number One.
Public Share Registry There is a public registry and electronic search also available.
Meetings Frequency Annual general meetings or resolutions in lieu of.
Annual Return Yes.
Audit Requirements Yes, small companies – as defined – are exempt.
Registered Office Yes.
Domicile Issues Redomicilation in and out possible.
Company Naming Restrictions Any word that the registrar considers undesirable or that is similar or identical to an existing company name, or that implies illegal activity or royal or government patronage. Any words, among others, which include ‘asset management’, ‘assurance’, ‘bank’, ‘credit’, ‘dealer’ etc.
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