Isle of Man
Location Centre of the Irish Sea, within sight of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time.
Population App. 85,000.
Capital Douglas.
Airport One airport situated in the south of the island.
Language Predominantly English but also Manx.
Currency The Isle of Man is in currency union with the UK although it issues its own currency, which is legal tender only within the Isle of Man. One Manx pound is therefore equivalent to one UK pound sterling.
Dialing Code +44 1624.
Centre's Expertise International legal, accounting, banking and fiduciary services.
Political System Independent.
Legal System Common law jurisdiction.
Personal Income Tax Low rates of income tax – each resident is entitled to an attractive pre-tax allowance with a low rate of 10% and the standard/high rate of 20%. The amount of income tax payable is capped at £120,000 per individual.
Corporate Income Tax Most companies pay income tax at a standard rate of 0% on all income; companies that receive income from banking business or from land and property situated in the Island pay tax at a 10% rate on profits from those sources and the standard 0% rate on their remaining income. Companies engaged in retailing activities on the island are taxed at 10% on all taxable profits over £500,000.
Exchange Restrictions None for both resident and non-resident.
Tax Treaties For full details, please go to
Permitted Currencies Any.
Minimum Authorised Capital No minimum. Concept of capital maintenance replaced by solvency test.
Minimum Share Issues No minimum. Concept of capital maintenance replaced by solvency test.
Shelf Companies Yes.
Incorporation Time Scale 24 hours.
Incorporation Fees £100 - £500
Annual Fees £380.
Minimum Number One.
Residency Requirements No.
Corporate Directors Yes.
Meetings/Frequency As the directors or members require.
Disclosure Annual return required including directors name. Member only if elect to file.
Bearer Shares No.
Minimum Number One.
Public Share Registry Yes, only if elect to file.
Meetings Frequency As the directors or members require.
Annual Return Yes.
Audit Requirements No.
Registered Office Must, at all times, be on the Isle of Man. Must have registered agent.
Domicile Issues Transfer to domicile permissable.
Company Naming Restrictions The FSC can refuse to register a company with a name which in its opinion is undesirable, ie misleading, offensive or harmful to the public.
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