Location Indian Ocean.
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time +3/4 winter.
Population 1,300,000.
Capital Port Louis.
Airport SSR International Airport.
Language English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese.
Currency Mauritian rupees (Rs).
Dialing Code +230.
Centre's Expertise Tourism, Financial services, Agriculture and Textile.
Political System Democratic parliamentary system.
Legal System Hybrid, mix of common law and civil law.
Personal Income Tax 15%.
Corporate Income Tax 15% with foreign tax credit for GBL1 companies. No taxation for GBL2.
Exchange Restrictions No.
Tax Treaties 39 Double Taxation Agreements. For more information, please see
Permitted Currencies Any currency, excluding Mauritian Rupees for GBL companies.
Minimum Authorised Capital No authorised capital, but stated capital (no minimum).
Minimum Share Issues One share.
Shelf Companies Not allowed.
Incorporation Time Scale 7–15 days.
Incorporation Fees €150 for GBL2 companies,€500 for GBL1 companies
Annual Fees €255 for GBL2 companies, €1,765 for GBL1 companies.
Minimum Number One, two for GBL1 companies.
Residency Requirements GBL1 companies only, for tax residency purposes.
Corporate Directors Allowed for GBL2 companies only.
Meetings/Frequency Yes, for GBL1 companies/not specified.
Disclosure Yes for GBL1 and GBL2 companies.
Bearer Shares No.
Minimum Number One.
Public Share Registry No for GBL1 and GBL2 companies.
Meetings Frequency Yes, for GBL1 companies/at least once a year.
Annual Return Yes, for GBL1 companies only.
Audit Requirements Yes, for GBL1 companies only.
Registered Office Yes.
Domicile Issues No.
Company Naming Restrictions Very few.
Foreign affairs select committee claims delay to Crown Dependencies’ public registers ‘risks national security’.
  The UK government is undermining national security by delaying the introduction of publicly available share ownership registers in Britain’s major tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands, the foreign affairs select committee has said. (01/10/2019)
The Best of Both Worlds?
  According to the Africa 2016 Wealth Report released by New World Wealth, Mauritius is home to the wealthiest individuals in Africa. This poses the question as to why the world’s elite is moving to this small African island. (19/09/2017)
  The last 12 months have been a time of notable developments in Mauritius, in politics and in the economy. Here are some of the main legislative updates. (18/09/2017)
Mauritius as an Investment Route into Africa
  Dr Ludovic Verbist examines how Mauritius has marketed itself as the ideal investment route into Africa. (01/04/2016)
Mauritius: More Than Just White Sandy Beaches…
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Mauritius: The African Success Story
  As traditional drivers of growth begin to falter, Nikhil Treebhoohun considers new avenues for Mauritus to persue (01/03/2014)
Mauritius: Forty Years Proving Meade Wrong
  Ludovic C Verbist and Rama Appadoo highlight recent legislative changes and provide evidence of how Mauritius has prospered in defiance of historical doubt. (01/01/2013)
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  Mauritius Tax Treaties
  Mauritius currently has 40 DTCs and 8 TIEA agreements in place. - read more...
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