Location Indian Ocean.
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time +4.
Population 90,945
Capital Victoria.
Airport Seychelles International Airport.
Language English, French, Creole.
Currency Seychelles rupee.
Dialing Code +248.
Centre's Expertise International Business Company (IBC) Companies (Special Licence) (CSL).
Political System Seychelles is an independent republic, a multi-party democracy and a member of the Commonwealth.
Legal System Based on English Common Law and French Civil Law.
Personal Income Tax 15% for Seychellois employees and 15% for non-Seychellois employees.
Corporate Income Tax IBC: exempt. CSL: 1.5% of worldwide taxable income.
Exchange Restrictions None.
Tax Treaties For full details, please go to
Permitted Currencies All major convertible currencies.
Minimum Authorised Capital IBC: US$1. CSL: No minimum.
Minimum Share Issues IBC: US$1. CSL: At least 10% of all the shares the company may issue.
Shelf Companies IBC: Yes. CSL: No.
Incorporation Time Scale IBC within 24 hours; CSL within 2-3 weels
Incorporation Fees IBC: US$100. CSL: US$1,200.
Annual Fees IBC: US$100. CSL: US$1,000.
Minimum Number IBC: one. CSL: two.
Residency Requirements IBC: no. CSL: no.
Corporate Directors IBC: yes. CSL: no.
Meetings/Frequency IBC: worldwide and no minimum. CSL: worldwide and no minimum.
Disclosure IBC: To service providers. CSL: To servies providers & the Authority.
Bearer Shares IBC: no. CSL: no.
Minimum Number IBC: one. CSL: two.
Public Share Registry IBC: no. CSL: no.
Meetings Frequency IBC: worldwide (no AGM requirement). CSL: worldwide (annual AGM).
Annual Return IBC: yes. CSL: yes.
Audit Requirements IBC: no. CSL: yes.
Registered Office IBC: yes. CSL: yes
Domicile Issues IBC: tax non-resident. CSL: tax resident.
Company Naming Restrictions In line with global norms, prohibited words include, for example, ‘bank’, ‘building society’, and the registry has discretion to reject names that are indecent, offensive, or misleading, etc.
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