Location Curacao is 40 miles north of Venezuela.
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time – 4.
Population App. 150,000
Capital Willemstad
Airport Hato International Airport
Language Dutch, English and Papiamentu, Spanish is widely spoken.
Currency Netherlands Antilles guilder (ANG), fixed rate with the US$ at ANG 1.78.
Dialing Code +599 (9)
Centre's Expertise Financial Services, Tourism, Oil Refinery
Political System Autonomous jurisdiction within the Kingdom of the Netherlands with a parliamentary democracy. The King of the Netherlands is represented by a Governor.
Legal System Based on Dutch civil law system with Anglo-Saxon common law influences (such as a Curacao Trust)
Personal Income Tax Residents pay income tax and social premiums on their worldwide income, while non-residents only pay income tax on Curacao sourced income. Income tax rates vary from 12% up to 49%
Corporate Income Tax Corporate residents are taxed on their worldwide income. Non-resident companies are taxed on Curacao sourced income only. Tax rate is 27.5% E-zone companies are subject to 2% income tax. A new export regime has an effective tax rate of app. 4%
Exchange Restrictions A 1% license fee is calculated as a percentage of the gross outflow of money on foreign currency cash transactions. Exemptions are widely available.
Tax Treaties Norway, the Netherlands and Aruba.
Permitted Currencies All currencies are permitted.
Minimum Authorised Capital No minimum capital required
Minimum Share Issues One participating share with full voting rights or one participating share and one share with full voting rights required
Shelf Companies
Incorporation Time Scale 1-5 days.
Incorporation Fees App. ANG 2,250/US$1,250 for theincorporation, without external management.
Annual Fees Annual management service fees vary from US$1,500 to 3,000 depending on the nature of requested service, ie solely domicile or active management.
Minimum Number One director is required, either a corporate entity or a private individual.
Residency Requirements One director should be a local resident, either as a corporate entity of a private individual.
Corporate Directors Corporate directors are allowed.
Meetings/Frequency A minimum of one board meeting a year is required in order to approve the financial accounts unless the Articles of Incorporation determine otherwise.
Disclosure Filing of corporate income tax returns.
Bearer Shares It remains legally possible to issue and hold bearer shares in the case of a Naamloze Vennootschap (NV; Public Limited Company). Shareholders have to be reported in the corporate income tax returns.
Minimum Number One
Public Share Registry N/A.
Meetings Frequency A minimum of one general shareholders meeting a year is required in order to approve the financial accounts unless the Articles of Incorporation determine otherwise.
Annual Return Corporate income tax returns must be filed annually.
Audit Requirements Financial statements must be prepared annually, based on IAS, IFRS or Dutch GAAP
Registered Office Corporate entities have to be registered on the territory of Curacao. Transfer of management and control as well as the statutory seat to and from Curacao is possible.
Domicile Issues Domicile is eventually determined by reviewing effective management and control of the company.
Company Naming Restrictions Restrictions only apply if corporate entities choose names similar to already existing corporate entities.
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