Location South Pacific Ocean.
Time Zone UTC/GMT +13h, during Daylight Savings UTC/GMT +14h.
Population 186,340 (preliminary count as of Nov 2011).
Capital Apia.
Airport Faleolo International Airport, Fagalii Airport.
Language English, Samoan.
Currency Samoan Tala (SAT).
Dialing Code + 685.
Centre's Expertise International Business Companies (IBCs), International Trusts
Political System Democratic.
Legal System Common Law.
Personal Income Tax Progressive.
Corporate Income Tax 27%
Exchange Restrictions None.
Tax Treaties For details, please see
Permitted Currencies US$.
Minimum Authorised Capital None.
Minimum Share Issues None.
Shelf Companies Yes.
Incorporation Time Scale For IBCs one day or less than 24 hours, for other licensed entities timescale is dependent on application and supporting documents received.
Incorporation Fees $300.
Annual Fees As above or as prescribed by the Registrar.
Minimum Number One.
Residency Requirements Must be non-residents and non-citizens of Samoa.
Corporate Directors Permitted.
Meetings/Frequency Whenever Directors consider meetings necessary they can be held anywhere in the world or electronically.
Disclosure None.
Bearer Shares Prohibited under the International Companies Act 1988
Minimum Number None.
Public Share Registry None.
Meetings Frequency Whenever Directors consider meeting is necessary to be held.
Annual Return None.
Audit Requirements Every international company shall appoint a registered company auditor within 90 days of its incorporation. An auditor of an international company shall carry out an audit in respect thereof in each audit period. Every auditor shall report to the members as to his or her audit and matters disclosed thereby and shall give such further reports and information as are required by regulations.
Registered Office Every IBC must have a registered office in Samoa.
Domicile Issues Permitted under the International Companies Act 1988 and other international financial services laws.
Company Naming Restrictions Undesirable names in the opinion of the Registrar or names containing restricted words as determined by the Registrar.
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