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Economic Report Winter 2018/19
Synchronicity: Can IFCs work together? The ever-changing regulatory landscape for IFCs and increasing burden of compliance is a recurring theme for the ER. We have documented the considerable progress IFCs have made and repeatedly underlined how the regulation found in these specialist centres is, in many cases, far better than those of the Big G20 ‘onshore’ counterparts. Yet the pressure on these centres and the misinformation around what they do continues. Individual centres have taken initiatives to highlight their positive economic function, but surely the message could be much stronger if IFCs came together to coordinate and their efforts and disseminate their worth. A certain amount of collaboration exists, but are there other and better ways in which IFCs can work together to ensure they continue to flourish? As always, the Economic Report consults a spectrum of industry participants, practitioners, academics, regulators and government bodies on this, and many other, crucial issues facing IFCs today.
IFC Economic Report Summer/Autumn 2018
Ongoing advances in blockchain and fintech have the potential to radically alter the global financial industry, and IFCs are well positioned to take full advantage. Our 10th issue of the IFC Economic Report explores how IFCs are future-proofing their services in a bid to maintain a strong competitive edge. The IFC Economic Report brings together a full spectrum of industry participants, practitioners, academics, regulators and government bodies to ensure that all angles and developments are covered – giving you a comprehensive view of the latest developments impacting the movement of global wealth.
IFC Caribbean
The Caribbean islands have long been associated with offshore finance, and the Caribbean Review was launched in 2011 to ensure complete, comprehensive coverage of developments in the region. Written by professionals working in Caribbean IFCs, the Review contains commentary and analysis combined with practical case studies and interviews. The annual Caribbean Review is proving a popular and well received addition to the IFC fold.
IFC Review
Now in its 11th year, our annual flagship print publication, the IFC Review, provides a state of play guide to developments across 30 of the world’s leading international finance centres – its authoritative coverage of the key issues and jurisdictions, in a comprehensive yet concise format, has helped establish it as one of the industry’s key reference tools.
IFC Supplements
In addition to our comprehensive range of annual and biannual publications we also have a wide range of supplements ranging from sector specific publications such as IFC Citizenship by Investment to regional publications such as Invest Africa and Asia Pacific Review along with bespoke jurisdictional publications such as Invest Cyprus, IFC Guernsey, IFC Malta & IFC Isle of Man each showcasing the services and regulatory framework available making each essential viewing for practitioners.
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