Advocate Paul Beckett

Visiting Research Fellow, School of Law Oxford Brookes University; Senior Counsel, MannBenham Advocates Limited Douglas, Isle of Man

Paul is a Lawyer and Academic, specialising in company, commercial and trust law; banking and fund management; cryptocurrencies and the blockchain; fraud, bribery, white collar crime, anti-money laundering and financial services regulation; commercial arbitration; business immigration; and domestic and international human rights (civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights). Recent publications include 'European Cross-Border Estate Planning' (Isle of Man chapter) (Sweet & Maxwell, London, first published 1995, current edition 2022), and 'Digest of Commercial Laws of the World' (Isle of Man chapter, co-author) (Thomson Reuters, USA, 2016, current edition 2022). His latest book is 'An Anatomy of Tax Havens: Europe, the Caribbean and the United States of America' (De Gruyter, Berlin. Published 6 November 2023). Upcoming is 'Beneficial Ownership and Legal Responsibility: Concealment, Avoidance and Impunity' (Routledge, London/New York. In preparation, publication due Spring 2024).