Laks Ganapathi

Unicus Research and Alternative Expert Network (AEN)

Laks Ganapathi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unicus Research – an independent investment research platform that combines fundamental analysis with hard-to-find information from atypical sources. Since the inception of Unicus Research, Laks has joined forces with global video content firms like COHERRA, OpenExchange, and investor platforms like Flx. Distribution and Independent Research Form (IRF) to cater to investors and asset managers worldwide. Laks's vision is to redefine how asset managers and investors consume research. Presently, Laks focuses on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) in investing and the clean energy sector. Her firm, Unicus Research, is sector agnostic. The team comprises industry-leading experts in corporate financial fraud, forensic intelligence, investment intelligence, cybersecurity, Blockchain, clean energy, biotechnology, and cannabis/CBD. Laks has more than a decade of experience in accounting and finance. Before founding Unicus Research, Laks was a dedicated short investment analyst at a boutique investment research firm led by a Wall Street veteran. Laks earned a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), graduating magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut. In addition, she earned two Bachelor's degrees focusing on commerce and accounting from domestic and international universities.