The OffshoreAlert Conference North America

Time and Location

April 25 - 27, 2021 at the Miami Beach EDITION Miami Beach, Florida

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The OffshoreAlert Conference focuses on Financial Intelligence & Investigations, with an emphasis on Offshore Financial Centers.

The event brings together more than 300 investigators, providers, and buyers of high-value financial products and services, including fraud and asset recovery attorneys, insolvency practitioners, litigation funders, professional service providers, regulators, law enforcement, journalists, and others.
Conference Highlights
 275 Delegates
+ 40 Distinguished Speakers
+ 30 Onshore & Offshore Jurisdictions
+ 23 Sessions, 3 Stages
+ 12 Hours of Networking
+ 3 Cocktail Receptions
When: April 25-27, 2021
Where: EDITION Hotel, Miami Beach, FL
Price: $895-$1995 
What Attendees Receive
 Lucrative business relationships with key players in the biggest deals in global finance.
+ Ways to identify fraud and legally profit from it.
+ Tools and knowledge to locate, organize and understand information related to high-value international finance.
+ Latest intelligence from the world of OFCs.

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