OffshoreAlert vGlobal 2022

Time and Location

Virtual Conference - 5-9 December 2022

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Watch world-class speakers and meet experts who can help you investigate entities, evaluate opportunities, mitigate risk, and recover assets at vGlobal, OffshoreAlert’s FREE virtual conference taking place Dec. 5-9.

For more information, or to claim your FREE pass, visit http://www.vglobal.io

Sessions include:

  • Bitfinex'ed: A Crypto Whistleblower Speaks;
  • Crypto Winter: Insolvency, Asset Tracing & Dealing With This New Asset Class;
  • How to Conduct OSINT Crypto Investigations;
  • Meet the Experts: Asset Recovery Q&A;
  • Converting Crypto into Fiat Currency;
  • Disrupting Common Sense: A skeptic's Take on Crypto;
  • Asset Recovery: Funding (Incl. Crypto-Related Litigation);
  • IRS Presentation: Taking Crypto;
  • Must-Have Tools for OSINT Investigations;
  • The Shady World of Shadow Diplomats;
  • Offshore Intelligence & Investigations;
  • China's Commercial Espionage Operations & Tactics;
  • How to Investigate Property Ownership in Dubai;
  • Asset Recovery: Latin America; and
  • Too Big to Jail: HSBC's Involvement in Financial Crime.

Picture-in-picture will allow you to have sessions on in the background, while you conduct your regular work on your computer or mobile device.

This is a rare example of something that seems too good to be true actually being true, so please share, tag or forward to anyone whom you think may be interested.

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