Jersey Finance Private Wealth Conference 2024

Time and Location

24 September, 2024 | The Brewery, London

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Join Jersey Finance for an illuminating conference exploring the intersections of history, geopolitics and technological revolutions that shape wealth dynamics, with talks from keynote speaker Tim Marshall, renowned former Diplomatic Editor for Sky news and bestselling author, and endnote speaker Claire Williams OBE, one of the most successful women in Formula 1 history.

This flagship half-day conference will engage the private wealth community in the UK, featuring expert speakers and two panel sessions. The first, 'Navigating Geopolitical Turbulence: Impacts on Wealth', invites experts to analyse the repercussions of global events on wealth management. The second panel, 'AI Revolution: Transforming Wealth Dynamics', will delve into AI's transformative wealth creation and distribution potential.

At this dynamic conference, delegates can expect to gain strategic insights from thought leaders, engage with private wealth industry peers during our networking breaks and envision the future of wealth.

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