UK: These mystery 'tax haven' billboards are appearing in Birmingham

Mystery surrounds new billboard posters springing up on the streets of Birmingham, reports Birmingham Mail.

The roadside adverts show a sun-drench beach with the slogan 2017 REFORENDUM ON TAX HAVENS and VOTE RETAIN.

They have recently appeared on advertising sites in Stechford and Bearwood.

A google search has revealed the image is one of Mahe beach in the Seychelles and has been used widely on holiday company websites.

The Vote Retain and tax haven reforendum (sic) remain a mystery however.

There have been a number of mystery billboard adverts put up and usually they are part of an art project.

Three years ago in Birmingham artist Bill Drummond, formerly of pop band the KLF, painted over an election advert for UKIP with grey paint because he said it offended him. He was branded a mindless vandal by the party. 

Further afield in New Mexico, USA in 2015 a series of posters bearing an alien language appeared and were mistaken for ISIS propaganda messages. In fact it was a made up script by artist Daniel Small which he said spelled out the Ten Commandments.

And last year posters saying Legal Name Fraud, The Truth and It’s illegal to use a legal name, appeared in cities throughout the UK. They were traced back to a group with an unconventional, some would say dangerous, view of the law.

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