Jersey will be ‘fully represented’ in Brexit talks


The External Relations Minister has said that Jersey’s best interests will be ‘fully represented’ during Brexit negotiations – despite the sacking of the MP with responsibility for the Channel Islands’ links to the UK government, reports the Jersey Evening Post.


Sir Oliver Heald was replaced as the UK’s Justice Minister by Dominic Raab as part of a government reshuffle by Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this week.


External Relations Minister Sir Philip Bailhache said: ‘The Government of Jersey has developed a productive working relationship with ministers and officials within the Ministry of Justice, which has responsibility for overseeing the relationship between the UK Government and the Crown Dependencies.


‘I am confident that this relationship will continue following the appointment of the new ministerial team both during the period of the Brexit negotiations and thereafter.’


Sir Philip said that he wanted to thank Sir Oliver for his ‘service and support for the Crown Dependencies during his tenure as minister’.


He added: ‘I look forward to working with the new minister with responsibility for the Crown Dependencies, once portfolios have been allocated over the coming days.

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