Study Released On Jersey Pension Industry's Impact Worldwide

(LowTax) -- Jersey's financial services promotion agency, Jersey Finance, has released new research on Jersey as a pensions management domicile.

The research entitled "Jersey for Institutional Investing: A Clear Choice", was undertaken by independent economic consultancy firm Europe Economics, and looks at how Jersey supports and facilitates the effective management of pension funds and other institutional assets such as endowment funds and sovereign wealth funds, noting that Jersey "supports the futures of almost 60 million people around the world."

Ross Dawkins, Principal at Europe Economics, said: "This research helps explain how tax neutrality plays a vital role in supporting institutional investment. For institutional investors who make cross-border investments into non-tax neutral countries, creating tax transparent vehicles can be complex and costly. Investing through a tax-neutral international finance center like Jersey avoids these complications. It makes it easier to make cross-border investments, creates more diversified portfolios, and delivers better returns. Ultimately, this benefits everyone – especially the people on the street who rely on their pension."

Geoff Cook, CEO of Jersey Finance, echoed these comments saying: "Delivering a transparent, simple, and cost-effective platform for institutional investors is essential for pensions. Clearly, tax neutrality is fundamental to this. What this research also makes clear is that non-tax factors, like Jersey's concentration of expertise and its strong regulatory environment, are just as vital for institutional investors."

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