Ed Sheeran Paid more in Tax Last Year than Both Starbucks and Amazon.

(I News) --Ed Sheeran earned less than Starbucks and Amazon made in profits last year but paid more in tax than either company. Figures released this weekend showed that the pop star paid £5.29 million to the tax man compared to £4.5m that the international online retailer coughed up, and £3.3 million that the global coffee chain paid from its main UK entity, Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Limited – though more tax was paid through other Starbucks subsidiaries. Critics have complained that the complex structure of the company makes it hard to assess how its tax practices operate. The company said: “Starbucks paid £13.7m in tax in the UK in 2017 at an effective rate of 25.3%,” And while he’s not short of a bob or two, Sheeran made over £27m in profit while Starbucks made £162m and Amazon brought in nearly £2bn in revenue.

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