Gibraltar represented at Liberal Democrat Conference

(gbc) -- The Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton is the first party conference Gibraltar has been represented at. The Deputy Chief Minister participated as a panelist with delegates from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, he spoke of the impact of Brexit on Gibraltar.

The Lib Dems are perhaps the most pro-European party and the feeling at the conference was very much that of advocating a second referendum and of fighting Brexit under the slogan of "Exit Brexit". This has ensured Gibraltar had added interest, with many present aware the Rock voted 96 percent to remain. The Deputy Chief Minister declared that the impact of Brexit on Gibraltar, the Overseas territories and the Crown Dependencies was not properly considered in the debate at the time of the 2016 referendum. Doctor Joseph Garcia explained the Rock had remained British, without being part of the UK, and had therefore enjoyed a differentiated relationship with the EU since 1973. He added it therefore made sense to pursue a tailor-made solution with Brexit, seeing as it's what we currently enjoy.

Doctor Garcia made the point that the United Kingdom and Gibraltar had engaged with EU Member States as it prepared to leave the European Union. He said this included discussions with Spain, as the nearest EU neighbour ,with these progressing well but not yet concluded.

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