BAHAMAS: Family Office In Fintech Move.

As published on tribune242.com, Monday November 11, 2019.


A Bahamas-based multi-family office has entered the Fintech (financial technology) space through the November 1 launch of its digital finance platform.

#Holt Financial, which is based in Albany's Financial Centre, said in a statement that the new facility will provide users with a smooth, secure medium through which to convert cash to crypto assets and store multiple currencies.

#"Our digital financial solutions are the natural response to a world in which banks and financial institutions are becoming increasingly mobile and digital", said Brendan Holt Dunn, chief executive of Holt Financial. "And it comes with the personalisation, convenience and ease of use that consumers have come to expect from contemporary digital services."

#Holt Financial is the latest venture stemming from the Holdun Family Office, which features a team with a combined 150 years' experience in international finance and wealth management.