JERSEY: Confusion about 21% Tax for not receiving Assessment Form.

As published on itv.com, Tuesday November 26, 2019.


Islanders who are contacting Jersey's tax office concerned they will have to pay 21% tax next year, are being told not to worry.

It's due to delays in receiving their 2018 assessment form.

A new upgrade to the tax system, with the documents being transferred to online software, is said to be the main cause of the problem.

Next year's tax rate should be being posted to islanders by the 10 December and the tax office says this will give people enough time to hand it to employers for payroll updates.

However, Revenue Jersey says anyone who has not had their 2018 assessment and who makes ITIS payments towards their estimated bill for this year, will have their rate based on the 2019 tax year.

It also says that anyone without 2018 assessments, who make ITIS payments to cover their bill for the previous year, will have their 2020 rate based on 2017 tax return figures.

The Comptroller of Taxes has said he wants to reassure taxpayers that they will not be penalised due to the modernisation of the system.

We are taking a flexible approach to applying late penalties this year and will spread any significant ITIS underpayments over next year, to avoid un-manageable increases in ITIS rates for our customers.

"I am sorry for the worry this has caused and I hope the approach we are taking will go some way towards reassuring people about their tax arrangements." – RICHARD SUMMERSGILL, JERSEY'S COMPTROLLER OF TAXES

In light of the delays, Jersey's tax office is asking people not to contact them about the matter as they say it is causing further setbacks.