FINTECH: Walker Crips Launches New FinTech Firm.

As published on financialplanningtoday.co.uk, Monday October 7, 2019.



Investment management firm Walker Crips Group has launched EnOC Technologies (EnOC), a new company providing cloud-based regulation software to the wealth management industry.

EnOC aims to “close the technology gap for wealth management firms that struggle to afford large technology systems, removing cost and operational barriers to adopting good technology”.

Walker Crips says it will deliver enterprise-grade systems through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, charging on a per-user, per-month basis to enable “cost effective access” for firms of all sizes.

The EnOC Pro Platform has launched with ‘Accountability’, a system that will support FCA authorised companies in their administration of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR), in a move that it is promised will simplify the workload and allow them to focus on the duties of responsibility and accountability.

The software keeps track of the SM&CR status of individuals, Statement of Responsibilities, Terms of References and documentation archive requirements.

Sean Lam, founder, EnOC Technologies, and CEO of Walker Crips said: “EnOC originated from a need to create a SM&CR management system for ourselves and a desire to close the technology gap between the firms who can afford enterprise-grade systems and those that cannot.

“By adopting the per-user, per-month charging model, the system is accessible to even the smallest of companies.

“By simplifying much of the administration of SM&CR, it allows firms to focus on the more subjective and substantive parts of SM&CR.

“At Walker Crips we have created much of our own technology, allowing us to build and integrate many of our systems into one central platform.

“Launching EnOC was a logical next step to share our technology with the wider industry, especially those who may not otherwise have access to enterprise-grade systems.”

EnOC will be demonstrated at an SM&CR seminar on Friday at Crowne Plaza, Blackfriars in London.

Advisers, wealth managers and other interested parties can register to attend via the Walker Crips website.

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