BARBADOS: BRA extends tax filing deadlines to June 30.

As published on barbadostoday.bb, Saturday 30 May, 2020.

Taxpayers now have until June 30 to file their 2019 personal income tax returns, the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) announced in a second extension to the annual deadline.

In a statement, BRA said: “This extension was necessitated by the fact that many public and private sector entities have either submitted requests to amend information which was uploaded to the system or have not yet uploaded any information into TAMIS (Tax Management Information System). This limits individuals being able to file returns.

“In an effort not to put any individual taxpayers at a disadvantage, the Authority decided it would be prudent to grant a further extension at this time. The additional month is enough time for accounts to be updated and to facilitate taxpayer compliance within the amended deadline.”

The filing deadline for companies whose year-end is between October to December has also been extended by two weeks to June 30, BRA said.

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