Guernsey Finance appointment of strategic adviser ‘enhances Guernsey’s commitment’ to green and sustainable finance.

Press release from Guernsey Finance on Wednesday 11 August, 2021.

Guernsey’s long-stated intention to contribute its decades of expertise and experience as an international finance centre, twinned with its position as a leader in sustainable finance, will be ever-more crucial over the next decade.

Josephine Bush, who has recently joined Guernsey Finance, says the trillions needed to finance the transition to net zero will require specialist expertise in climate finance in order to channel investment into the projects that will have the greatest impact to effectively meet those ambitions.

She echoed comments made by COP26 president Alok Sharma that ‘the world is dangerously close to running out of time to stop a climate change catastrophe’ which he made following the release of the IPCC report earlier this week, which has sharply brought into focus the extent of the climate emergency.

She said: “Guernsey, with its decades of experience as an international finance centre and as a leader in sustainable finance, is very well placed to mobilise global capital flows where they will be most effective.”

Ms Bush has recently joined the team at Guernsey Finance as a strategic adviser for green and sustainable finance. She is a passionate advocate for the sector, having spent 14 years at EY where she specialised in renewable energy, and led a global initiative to build out the global renewables sector during her time there.

With her experience in ESG strategic advisory and execution built on years of working in the renewables and green sector, Josephine is particularly focused on developing commercially effective ESG and sustainable strategies that robustly manage risk as well as seize opportunity. Her aim is to raise levels of awareness in the financial community of the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss with a focus on accelerating solutions.

“My association with Guernsey stretches back over many years. I am very enthused to work with Guernsey Finance and the island’s financial services sector – which GF promotes in its key markets globally – as I believe the sector is very important and impactful. I am looking forward to meeting representatives who work in the local industry and forging a good working relationship,” she said.

“There is a clear commitment to developing green and sustainable finance in Guernsey and I am very excited to join the organisation as it continues to develop its strategy ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the sector. There is much to be done and I am very much looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and playing my part.”

Guernsey Finance Chief Executive Rupert Pleasant said he was delighted to welcome Josephine to the team.

“We are thrilled to have someone with Josephine’s experience and expertise in the green and sustainable sector join the organisation. Her deep knowledge of green and sustainable issues, coupled with her extensive experience built up working in the financial services sector, make her an excellent addition and enhances Guernsey’s commitment to the green and sustainable sector. The whole team at Guernsey Finance looks forward to working with Josephine.”