MALTA: Tax chief pledges full action on Dubai list.

As published on newsbook.com.mt, Wednesday 4 August, 2021.

Commissioner for Revenue Marvin Gaerty has pledged that his office “will do all that is necessary within our powers” after Malta obtained data from the so-called Dubai list acquired by Germany.

Gaerty pledged that his office would work to ensure that justice is served without fear or favour after obtaining data from the list, which is believed to highlight offshore assets owned in Dubai by potential tax evaders.

Germany had purchased the list from an anonymous source for some €2 million, and the data on Maltese nationals – around 20 – has now been passed on to the Maltese authorities for free.

Academic and political candidate Arnold Cassola wrote to Gaerty and police commissioner Angelo Gafà, urging them to ensure that a proper investigation is carried out.

Cassola remarked that past actions by the authorities had been disappointing in his appeal, but Gaerty sought to assure him that everything would be done properly, at least this time.

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