IRELAND: Central Bank opens new Beneficial Ownership Register.

As published on rte.ie, Monday 1 February, 2021.

The Central Bank has opened its Beneficial Ownership Register to make available information on the owners of certain types of investments and funds.

The Register was established on foot of EU anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism directives.

Its purpose is to deter money laundering and terrorist financing by preventing the ultimate identity owners of certain funds from being revealed.

The funds covered are Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicles (ICAV's), Unit Trusts and Credit Unions.

From September, it will also include Investment Limited Partnerships and Common Contractual Funds.

It is a separate register to existing company registers. Applications to view information can be made by the public via an online form available on the Central Bank's website.

The information can also be accessed by authorities like the Gardai and Revenue.

The information held includes names, dates of birth, country of residence, nationality and the nature and extent of beneficial ownership.

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