GREECE: Finance Ministry will scan social media to locate tax evaders.

As published on greekcitytimes.com, Monday 27 March, 2023.

The Greek Government will identify the hidden income of individuals and companies that do business via the internet, Sunday edition of the newspaper realnews.gr reports.

Individuals will be checked based on the pictures they post on FB and Insta showing them in luxury vehicles, homes, yachts etc.

Auditors will use social media to gather information, such as photos of luxury products of the audited, to identify information that shows that they lead a luxurious lifestyle that is not consistent with the income they declare on their tax returns.

“If I post a picture in my friend’s car does not say much about my income,” a woman commented on a relevant state ERT TV report.

An “influencer” said that she deals only with companies that don’t do tax evasion, and she declares all income to the tax office.

With regards to companies, the Finance Ministry and the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) are to catch taxpayers who, through their Facebook and Instagram accounts, various market products at tempting prices but without declaring the specific transactions to the tax office as a result of which they do not pay VAT and income tax.

Tax officials will check on sales through social media and examine the number of friends of each business and customer comments. Usually, the amount of tax evasion in these cases amounts to tens of thousands of euros wrote, Real news noted, citing ministry sources.

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