The Butterfly Effect: How Global Trends And Responsible Wealth Stewardship Movements Are Impacting Philanthropy

As the world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent, remote occurrences have greater influence and impact on domestic and international social and environmental challenges. Events occurring thousands of kilometres away can have a ‘butterfly effect’, where a small change has far-reaching consequences. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic pummelled the world’s interconnected supply chains, disrupting business operations globally due to shortages of supplies and doubling lead times. The pandemic also exacerbated inequalities in wealth, impacting access to quality education, restricting work availability, and worsening mental health. More recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing war has reduced exports of grains and oilseeds, while millions of tons of Ukrainian grain are blocked in Black Sea ports, driving up the cost of food, and intensifying a broader food crisis.

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