Jurisdiction in Focus

Bahamas Report 2022

Despite continued regulatory, political and economic pressures, The Bahamas continues to be a world contender for international financial services. In this special focus, we look at how The Bahamas demonstrates resilience and innovation in the wealth management arena.

Jurisdiction In Focus

Guernsey Report 2022

For more than 50 years, Guernsey has been one of the world’s best-regarded and most successful international finance centres. In this special focus, we look at how Guernsey continues to provide stability, security and substance in the wealth management arena.


AAMIL: Celebrating 25 Years

Dr Ludovic C. Verbist

IFC Media interviews Dr Ludovic C. Verbist, Managing Director and Founder of AAMIL Group.

IFC: 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of AAMIL as a leading international financial services provider. What have been the biggest achievements of AAMIL since its establishment?

LV: One thing which comes immediately to mind is that with our offices both in Port-Louis (Mauritius) and in Geneva (Switzerland), we have worked as a link between Europe and Mauritius. Back in 1997, it was a kind of missionary work to promote Mauritius as a Financial Centre; not many people were aware of it, even among professionals. We are glad to have been one of the first to promote Mauritius and contribute to its success.

Also, throughout this period, we have maintained our independence, being privately owned and therefore not subject to potential conflicts of interest.


Transforming The Investment Landscape In Africa

IFC Media interviews Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC).

IFC: September 2021 saw the addition of Kigali to the Global Financial Centres Index, which measures the competitiveness of financial centres globally. To what do you attribute Kigali’s successful performance and ranking?

KIFC: Yes, that’s correct, Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC) recently debuted on the GFCI. We were among the top five IFCs in Sub-Saharan Africa and have been identified as one of the most promising financial centres in the coming decade. We are pleased the GFCI recognised us as a promising jurisdiction for investors to consider when domiciling investments on the continent.