Fact File

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BVI Finance Limited


Eastern Caribbean

Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time -4.


32,800 (2017)


Road Town


Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport




US Dollar

Political System

Democratic 13-member legislature/government

International Dialing Code

+1 284

Legal System

Based on English common law. UK Privy Council is final court of appeal

Centre's expertise

Renowned as a corporate domicile for business companies, trust settlements, captive insurance, mutual funds and shipping registration

Personal income tax


Corporate income tax

No income (profit) tax. Payroll tax-resident companies: 10% or 14% (employees: 8% fixed, employers: 2% or 6% depending on business size). Non-resident companies: same as resident, on BVI-based employees only.

Exchange restrictions


Tax Information Exchange Agreements

For full list, go to www.bvi.gov.vg/tiea

Permitted currencies

all currencies permitted

Minimum authorised capital

None unless engaged in regulated activities which are subject to varying requirements based on licence type

Minimum share issue

One share

Shelf companies

BVI business companies, limited partnerships, segregated portfolio companies, restricted purpose companies, companies limited by shares and/or guarantee

Timescale for new entities

24 hours (BVI business companies, LPs).

Incorporation fees

Business companies $350-$5,000 depending on the company type, whether it is authorised to issue shares, its share structure (number and type of shares authorised for issue); Limited Partnership ($500).

Annual fees

Business companies, US$350-US$1,000 depending on share capital structure (number and type of share authorised for issue); limited partnership US$500.

Minimum number


Residency requirements

At least one director must be resident where the company is licensed to perform certain banking, trust, fiduciary and insurance business.

Corporate directors


Meetings/ frequency

As directors determine


Shareholder details must be maintained with company registered agent.

Bearer shares

Permitted (must be held by an authorised custodian or a recognised custodian)

Minimum number


Public share registry


Meetings/ frequency

As directors or shareholders determine

Annual return


Audit requirements

Annual audited statements are required for entities licensed to carry out regulated business.

Registered office

Yes, must be in the BVI and must be the office of the registered agent.

Domicile issues

Re-domiciliation to and from the BVI allowed under BVI law.

Company naming restrictions

Restricted words such as 'banking', 'insurance', 'fund', 'trustee' will not be allowed without relevant licence.