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Hopeless, Clueless, and Almost Disingenuous: The EU Tax Observatory Global Tax Evasion Report 2024

To state the conclusion at the outset: This latest Report from the EU propaganda factory is a dumpster fire of flawed assumption, failed analysis of international capital flows and the mechanisms of cross-border taxation, fueled by increasingly desperate and wishful thinking that searches for, but never establishes, a justification for a global taxing authority. The paradox that the authors cannot run from is that, as has been suggested [1], the complete transparency now in effect in the offshore financial centres, which are still willfully and pejoratively in the Report labelled “tax havens”, has established that there is and was, in fact, no offshore untaxed pot of gold. The continued attempts in the Report to maintain the flawed narrative are simply untenable.

The Bahamas: A Financial Centr…