Country: Ireland, Trump press secretary Spicer says US tax changes will not hurt Ireland

The White House press secretary Sean Spicer has praised Ireland's economic policies, reports Breaking News.

Spicer, whose great grandfather came from Kinsale in Co Cork, said Ireland did "a really good job of getting the Celtic Tiger" by bringing business over here, and had made "smart policy" decisions.

Speaking to the Irish Times, he said Ireland did well because it was competitive, and added that Trump's corporate tax cuts would not hurt us.

“Ireland did very, very well because it was very competitive. I think the United States lost out in a lot of cases because it wasn’t competitive, but competition is good,” he said.


Mr Trump has said he wants to slash the US corporate tax rate of 35%, which is the highest in any developed country, and his senior economic advisor Stephen Moore has said a rate of 15% is being considered.

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