Cayman Islands Supporting Firms Affected By Irma

The Cayman Island's Government said it is helping approximately 30 financial services firms who are seeking to temporarily relocate employees from islands affected by Hurricane Irma to the Cayman Islands, reports LowTax.

It said the majority of requests have come from firms in the British Virgin Islands, while it has received some requests from firms in Bahamas and from one in Miami.

To help affected firms, the territory's Department of Immigration has implemented interim emergency procedures, including allowing persons to land in the Cayman Islands as visitors with authorization to work remotely for up to 60 days initially without any need for a work permit.

The authorization to work is limited to work in relation to a person's overseas office and overseas clients, however once the 60-day visitor stamp has expired the Department has said it will regularize their immigration status, although longer term work permits remain subject to the normal immigration law requirements.


Other measures the Department has put in place include waiver of visa requirements where necessary, and allowing persons arriving on a direct flight from the Bahamas, and who have lost or misplaced their travel documents, to enter the territory on alternative identification.

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