Over 1,000 jobs to be created by Dominica government

(WIC News) -- At least 1,100 jobs are to be created by the government of Dominica, the prime minister announced this week.

Roosevelt Skerrit, speaking during a press briefing on Wednesday, said that work will be provided to those made redundant due to the effects of Hurricane Maria.

The jobs will be funded by the islands citizenship by investment programme, and will be separate from the government’s National Employment Programme.

“While we will be building homes, putting roofs back on our heads, building roads, building river defences, building schools, we should not lose sight of the human aspect of development,” he stated.

“Therefore we need to ensure that we can maintain the sanity and the dignity of our citizens.”

Despite high costs associated with providing jobs, Skerrit called the investment “worthwhile”

“We want to ensure that men, in particular, can maintain their respect and rightful place in their household, as head of the household,” he added.

More details are expected on Monday.

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