NEVIS: Cheapest Offers for Investors, According to Imovirtual.

As published on internationalinvestment.net, Monday September 2, 2019.


Saint Kitts and Nevis, Hungary and Turkey offer investors the cheapest options worldwide to get a second passport by simply buying a home, according to the latest figures from Portuguese real estate agents Imovirtual.

Investment prices start from €180,000 for a property in the Caribbean retreat of Saint Kitts & Nevis, rising to €200,000 Euros in Hungary and €223,225 in Turkey.

According to the survey, for those looking for the best value for money, Mauritius and Bulgaria are the best bets for getting more space for the same money.

St. Kitts and Nevis allow everyone to participate in its program. The main requirements are to be a law-abiding citizen, to have a legal business and good health.

The government offers two investment directions: A minimum investment of $150,000 in a national fund for one person. Money can't be returned. To obtain citizenship for a family of four, it's necessary to pay $200,000 and additional costs.

Or buying a property of €180,000. The government provides foreigners with projects for investment. Buying citizenship for three relatives costs about $50,000.

The procedure takes place through an authorized agent and doesn't require direct participation or giving up the investors' first citizenship. The government also accepts applications confidentially.