GLOBAL REGULATION: Tax evasion must be tackled to aid survival of Jordanian economy, according to Finance Minister.

As published on en.royanews.tv, Thursday 2 July, 2020.

Action against tax-evasion is needed to speed up the recovery of Jordan’s economy, the Minister of Finance, Mohammad Al-Ississ, said during a Jordan Strategy Forum on Tuesday, July 1.

He said many private sector companies had expressed frustration at tax avoidance by some companies in the sector.

It is the state’s duty to monitor and combat tax evasion, and to create a fair competitive environment for all companies in the sector, he said.

Al-Ississ pointed out that tax evasion discourages investors.

They began implementing new policy aimed at combatting tax evasion at the beginning of the year, he said, amid the government’s commitment to prevent announcing new taxes or increasing existing ones for the 2020 budget.

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