EUROPE: EU’s new tax chief previously urged bloc to ditch Luxembourg.

As published on euractiv.com, Wednesday 2 June, 2021.

French Professor Gabriel Zucan, head of the new European tax observatory previously argued that the EU should consider excluding Luxembourg from the bloc due to its lax tax policies.

In his book, The Hidden Wealth of Nations, Zucman criticised Luxembourg for having become a country that helps the world’s ultra-wealthy to hide their hidden assets and for being “at the heart of European tax evasion”.

Zucman again criticised the Grand Duchy after a joint investigation by more than a dozen media groups dubbed OpenLux revealed earlier this year that the country’s financial transparency laws still allow the super-rich to keep their assets hidden.

Zucman is an internationally recognised economist known for his research on tax havens and corporate tax havens. (Anne Damiani | EURACTIV.fr, Daniel Eck |  EURACTIV.com)

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