CHINA: China and Europe agreed on the development of the circular economy

As published on: cryptodnes.bg, Monday 29 April, 2024. 

The recently presented plan outlines the joint efforts of the EU and China to implement the Memorandum of Understanding between the union and the world's most populous country on the circular economy.

With a focus on plastics, battery value chains and remanufacturing, the roadmap outlines specific actions to be taken, including ongoing negotiations for a global plastics treaty.

The roadmap, whose implementation is planned for 2024, will be reviewed at the upcoming dialogue on the circular economy.

Virginius Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, emphasized the global importance of the transition to a circular economy. He pointed out the role of the road map in achieving progress in the field of sustainable development and in promoting new opportunities for production and consumption.

At the World Circular Economy Forum, Florica Fink-Heuer, Director-General of Environment, met with Zhao Chenxing, Vice-Chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission, to explore the prospects for circular economy cooperation. During their meeting, they reached a consensus on the implementation of the roadmap.

An introductory workshop on moving towards a circular economy for plastics is currently planned in the EU and China, scheduled for May 2024.

Various aspects will be discussed at this meeting, including design approaches, single-use plastics measures and advances in bio-based materials.

Follow-up workshops on battery value chains and remanufacturing are planned for later in 2024.

Against the backdrop of the pressing challenges of biodiversity loss, climate change and environmental pollution, China and the EU recognize the need to promote sustainable development pathways. The circular economy is a key strategy for achieving a zero-carbon economy by 2050, mitigating biodiversity loss and fighting pollution.

The two entities reaffirmed their commitment to cooperation during the inaugural High Level Political Dialogue on the Circular Economy. This commitment extends to the extension of Memorandum of Understanding for five years and jointly develop a Circular Economy Roadmap to guide joint efforts.


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