AFRICA: Kenya, United States Commit To Enhanced Bilateral Trade And Investment Partnership

As published on: citizen.digital, Monday 30 January, 2024. 

Kenya and the United States have underscored the shared commitment of both nations to enhance bilateral trade and investment, with a focus on key areas such as agriculture, good regulatory practices, and workers' rights and protections.
This came during a meeting of the negotiating teams representing Kenya and the United States in the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership gathered to discuss the progress of ongoing negotiations.

Led by Cabinet Secretary for Investment, Trade, and Industry, Rebecca Miano, and United States Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, the teams convened with Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi to provide updates on the evolving partnership.

The negotiating teams acknowledged the significance of fostering a robust partnership that goes beyond economic considerations. Both sides highlighted their commitment to advancing mutual prosperity, security, human rights protection, and the promotion of democratic values.

The positive atmosphere was palpable, with enthusiasm expressed by both teams about the potential for collaboration and mutual benefit.

Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano emphasized Kenya's eagerness to strengthen ties with the United States: "Our goal is to foster economic prosperity, ensure security, protect human rights, and uphold democratic principles. The negotiations mark a crucial step towards a more comprehensive and mutually beneficial partnership between our two nations."

The ongoing negotiations signify the dedication of Kenya and the United States to building a strategic alliance that addresses a broad spectrum of societal well-being.

The discussions reflect a shared vision for a partnership that extends beyond economic considerations, emphasizing a commitment to broader regional stability and global prosperity.

As the negotiations continue, both parties remain optimistic about the prospect of a strengthened collaboration.

.Notably, the State Department for Trade Principal Secretary, Alfred K. Ombudo, played a crucial role in leading Kenya’s negotiation team, which included representatives from various government agencies.


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