Integrate sustainability today to thrive tomorrow: Responsible Business USA Returns to New York in 2024

Press Release from Reuters, Tuesday 2 January, 2024.

CEOs and business leaders from America’s most innovative, responsible brands will descend on New York for Responsible Business USA 2024, to discuss how to shape the future of business and lead the sustainable revolution next March 26-27 at the Marriott Marquis, New York.

Rising pressures for immediate sustainable action and leadership, increasing legal risks, and complex financial realities are making the effective integration of sustainability across all functions fundamental to long-term business success. In a world of polarization and economic uncertainty, executives need to communicate and demonstrate why it’s imperative to embrace sustainability across all parts of the business, and why they’re the lynchpin for future business success.

Responsible Business USA is making a powerful comeback in March 2024 with a reinvigorated agenda – one that will integrate purpose, communications, legal, finance, risk, and sustainability to truly be the event focused on the responsibility of business.

Our full brochure for 2024 has just been released - download the brochure here.

The 2024 confirmed speaker line-up includes:
• Yafit Cohen, Chief Sustainability Officer & General Counsel, Travelers Inc.
• Renee Morin, Chief Sustainability Officer, eBay
• Scott Roe, Chief Financial Officer, Tapestry
• Mustafa Shamseldin, Category Growth Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, International Foods, PepsiCo
• Sarah Chapman, Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Manulife
• Susan Beverly, Director and Head of Worldwide Transparency, Partnerships and Engagement, Amazon
• Ashley Allen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Oatly
• Chris Fox, Chief Sustainability Officer, HanesBrands
• Alanna Boyd, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sun Life
• Abigail Lovell, Chief Sustainability Officer, Experian

Defining Themes for #RBUSA 2024:

- Integrate sustainability across the business: Sustainability is now a company-wide imperative. Learn how to foster effective, long-term sustainable practices and increased ownership through cross-departmental collaboration, establishing robust reporting mechanisms, and facilitate the sharing of high-quality, decision ready data.

- Navigate regulation & reporting requirements: New reporting regulations are creating a new level of disruption and risk to the business. Learn how to navigate the incoming regulations from the US and beyond. Explore what mandatory non-financial reporting means for teams across your business and navigate the complex issue of scope 3.

- Develop authentic, impact-driven and verifiable sustainable communications: How a company communicates on sustainability carries increasing importance the company’s reputation and future success. Discover how to communicate effectively in times of division with clear, digestible, and engaging sustainability communications that meet the increased demands and scrutiny from investors, employees, and customers.

- Optimize suppler engagement: For many businesses the supply chain is where most risks, impacts, and opportunities lie. Deploy new strategies and technologies to identify and manage scope 3 emissions, reduce supply chain risks, and enhance supplier relationships

- Deliver a net zero business: Businesses are now expected to have a clear path, and actions, aligned with a net zero future. Hear how senior executives are creating defendable, feasible and agile transition plans that can adjust with ever-advancing tech solutions.

“It's so important for sustainability leaders to come together at the Reuters Events Responsible Business USA this year. There is no time better than today for all of us to take action.”

Todd Brady, Chief Sustainability Officer, Intel

Download the brochure here: 1.reutersevents.com/LP=35216

More information about the event can be found here https://events.reutersevents.com/sustainable-business/responsible-business-usa

To explore speaking opportunities and sponsoring opportunities please contact Alexia Croft ([email protected]) and Matt Buckingham ([email protected])

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